Frequently Asked Questions

My Sovereign BBQ does not stay alight when I release the control knob. What should I do?

Remove the control knob and look for internal damage on the control knob.

If damaged, replace the control knob. Available at our online store.

My Sovereign BBQ does not light at all, what can I do?

Check control knob for damage. Check if Piezo igniter sparks and if the Piezo is positioned correctly. Refer to Trouble Shooting.

What maintenance do I need to do on my Sovereign BBQ?

Clean after use. Minimum once a year clean the burner with soapy water.

Refer to instruction manual.

How to clean my Sovereign BBQ?

Clean the inside and outside of your BBQ with warm soapy water. Stainless Steel polish should be used at regular intervals to protect and shine the outer casing.

Refer to instruction manual.

Do I need to season the cooking plate?

No. Clean with warm soapy water and lightly oil before first use.

Can I use my Sovereign as an Oven or Cook Top?

Yes. The Oven Wire gives you those options. Available at our online store.

Can I do a roast in my Sovereign BBQ?

Yes. The Oven Wire gives you this option. Available at our online store.

Roasting tips and timing recommendations available on our website.

Can I use the Outback or Bushman RV Explorer on a boat?

Not recommended. We have a range of BBQs especially designed for the marine environment.

Can I use the Alpha or Bravo BBQ on a caravan?

Yes. The design of our marine BBQs allows installation in exactly the same way as the RV models.

How can I mount my BBQ on a boat?

Your Sovereign BBQ can be mounted using either our standard mounting options or custom brackets to suit your requirement. Standard mounting options available at our online store.

When should I clean the burner?

The burner should be removed periodically and cleaned with warm soapy water. Ensure the burner is totally dry before reassembly. Refer to instruction manual.

Which regulator should I use on my Sovereign BBQ?

Use only an approved 2.75 kpa regulator. Standard regulator available at our online store.

For appliances outside Australia, please contact your local distributor.

What type of gas do I use with my Sovereign BBQ?

Your Sovereign BBQ is intended for use with either Propane Gas or ULPG.

Refer to the data label on the left hand end of your BBQ for the correct gas type.

For further information, please contact your local distributor.

Can I use a disposable bottle with my Sovereign BBQ?

Yes. Disposable bottle regulator available at our online store.

Who should I contact if my Sovereign BBQ does not work properly?

In the first instance refer to trouble shooting. If you still have issue, please contact your local distributor or Sovereign BBQ service department.

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