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Sovereign BBQs 

Proudly Australian owned.

Sovereign BBQs is an Australian company based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. We enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and designed our products with exactly that in mind. In 2003, we sold our first Sovereign BBQ and we’ve been going from strength to strength since, building our reputation for providing the best BBQ on the market for the outdoor enthusiast.

About Us - Sovereign BBQ

Our renowned, high quality ‘3 in 1 design’ makes a Sovereign BBQ simple to use as an oven, a stove top and of course a traditional BBQ. Select from the optional accessories available to make the most of your Sovereign BBQ and take care of all your outdoor cooking needs. Whether you are sailing the seven seas, taking the road less traveled in your RV, camping by a billabong or enjoying your own back yard, there is a Sovereign BBQ designed with you in mind.

Our Alpha (gas or electric) and Bravo (gas) models, constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel, are designed to withstand all that a marine environment can throw at them. With several mounting options available, there will be one to suit your needs and we’ll have you cooking your catch in no time.

Our Outback and Bushman models are designed for your RV, caravan or camper. With optional pull-out box kits and runner sets, the BBQs are simple to stow, easy to pull out for use, or can be placed on a suitable free standing work surface. Our newest model, the Tuckerman, is a compact, slimline BBQ just right for fitting into that last remaining space in your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a BBQ to use at home on your balcony, patio or deck, look no further than a Sovereign BBQ. Our BBQ stand was designed specifically for the Alpha and Bravo models and all Sovereign BBQs can be used on a suitable table or counter top surface.

We are happy in the knowledge that Sovereign BBQs have travelled the length and breadth of Australia, sailed around the world and cooked many a feast at homes across the country and beyond. Our BBQs are installed by RV and caravan manufacturers, boat-builders and supplied to chandleries, campsites, caravan parks and most importantly, to you, the BBQ customer. If you love the outdoor lifestyle, we have confidence that you will not find a better outdoor cooking solution than a Sovereign BBQ.

  • BBQ covers & accessories are available
  • Folding BBQ stands perfect for balcony and camping/RV applications
  • Convenient utensil trays cleverly designed for storing the chef’s cooking utensils, and,
  • Stainless steel oven wire for roasting and ‘stove top’ conversion.

We’re proud of our products, in fact, were sure a Sovereign BBQ will be one of the best purchases you ever make!

The success of Sovereign products can be attributed to their ingenious design, impeccable finish and inclusion of unique user-friendly features including:

  • Lockable BBQ lid for easy carriage and storage.
  • Superior 3CR12 stainless steel cooking surface with excellent thermal conductivity and rust resistance.
  • Internal components can be quickly and easily removed for efficient cleaning and servicing.
  • BBQ plate features an over-sized splashback, minimising fat splattering out the rear vent.
  • Wind guards on each side of BBQ plate, contains unwanted fat splatter when cooking with lid open.
  • Flame failure gas cut-out safety protection.
  • Fully welded construction (no exterior folding).
  • Fully sealed double skinned base compartment.
  • Comprehensive standard mounting options and attachment points to each appliance.
  • Baffled air intake for reliable use in unfavourable windy conditions.