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A few great cooking tips and videos from the experts

Your Sovereign BBQ is suitable for roasting while enjoying the great outdoors. By following the attached instructions, you will achieve the best results from your selected Sovereign BBQ model.

Please note for optimum roasting performance we recommend the use of a genuine Sovereign BBQs oven wire accessory, a quality roasting pan and also a roasting rack to offset your roast from the bottom of the roasting pan. If onboard storage space does not permit a roasting dish to be carried, disposable aluminium trays are a viable option/alternative.

Subject to which of the above accessories you have available at the time of roasting, we recommend you configure the BBQ exactly as per our instructions below.  Please follow the instructions carefully, using common sense at all times, on your way to cooking up a roast meal your neighbours will be envious of.

Cooking Scallop Pie on a Bushman BBQ

Cooking Roast Pork with Crackling on a Bushman BBQ

Bushman BBQ RV Explorer with Oven Wire

King George Whiting with Tim & Brooke from ``Discover Downunder``

Cooking the perfect steak with Tim & Brooke from ``Discover Downunder``

Chicken Skewers with Tim & Brooke from ``Discover Downunder``

Camp Doughnuts with Tim & Brooke from ``Discover Downunder``

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